Our ideas and experience in the world of web site design will help you achieve a first class, accessible and fully functional website regardless of the size and stature of your company.

Each commission leads to a unique, hand created site built using the highest standards and techniques, guaranteed to give you a presence on the internet that is both striking and individual.

We are experienced in .NET, ASP, PHP, MySQL, SQL, HTML, XML, CSS and most Internet technologies. We can comply with W3C, Html, CSS and disability act requirements and we can program websites using CSS Div's or older table based layouts.

If your ideas are ambitious, we have the experience to deliver; if they’re not, we have the creativity to inspire. We can link you to other businesses, database applications, emails, mobile texting facilities and a host of other options.

You have enough on your plate running your business so all our websites are delivered with a simple to use text editor, which allows you to easily add and edit images and pages, updating your site as you need to.

Accessibility from every search engine is vital to keep your business in the consumer’s line of vision at all times. The page title, content, description and keywords need to be optimised and related and we will achieve this for you, which will help with your website placement.

You only get one chance to launch a business so it’s important that your first website hits the mark. We have an enviable register of satisfied and loyal customers, many of whom have come to us via word of mouth recommendation; our existing site continues to bring in new business and we suggest you visit our portfolio to see why. Compare these with what’s on offer elsewhere and you’ll see why we’re justifiably proud of our work.

66 Wow! I am SO pleased with this - thank you so much for the time and energy you gave.

Kerry C

Clients can be fickle and whether it’s fair or not, you will be judged by how your site looks and how easy it is to access. A poorly designed and difficult to negotiate website can lose you more business than you can imagine – don’t fall at the first hurdle.

Communication is the key to our success; we have earned ourselves a reputation for being approachable, friendly and realistic. We can talk jargon with the best of them but our strength lies in translating complicated terminology to people who have more on their mind than the technicalities of how a website works. We are based in Kent (UK) and are happy to discuss your ideas. Contact us on 01580 852 727 or email us at info@lancefrench.com



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