We have seen an increase in requests regarding a ransomware email.

It goes something like this:


I'm a hacker who cracked your email and device a few months ago.

You entered a password on one of the sites you visited, and I intercepted it.

This is your password from YOUR EMAIL on moment of hack: YOUR PASSWORD

Of course you can will change it, or already changed it.

But it doesn't matter, my malware updated it every time.

See the full email HERE.

In this case they claim that they installed some remote access tool and made some humiliating photo of their victim. And, if the ransom demands are not met, they will spread this photo and send it to all the victims contacts.

If you received this (or other similar) email, do not worry. It is just a scam used to trick people into paying money for photos/videos or other stuff that does not exist. I can’t guarantee that it’s a hoax spam email, but chances are it is. But if you’re really concerned, you should seek professional advice.

Cyber criminals send this email to thousands of people off lists and claim that they have a disgraceful photo of an email recipient. They also claim that they have cracked an email account and some device, and that they now have your email account password.

Moreover, it is stated that they placed some malicious code in the operating system, which gathered all the contacts and Internet browsing history, and, installed a Trojan as well. These cyber criminals claim that they know about some shocking website (probably, pornography) that you are constantly visiting. And that they have made a photo of you while you were on that particular website (or websites). According to the email, they did this photo using a remote access control program and used your webcam for that. And if you want to prevent this photo from being sent to all of your friends, colleagues and so on, you must pay a ransom of $892, in Bitcoins. They warn people that they have 48 hours to pay a ransom, otherwise they will spread the photo and block your device. As mentioned, it is probably just a scam and all of these claims are not true. They do not have any disgraceful photo of you, nor they have hacked your computer or installed some malware. You and your computer are safe and you should simply ignore this one, or other similar emails that you get.

The most important thing is to simply ignore them and do not send them any Bitcoins.

If you are wondering how they got your email, name and/or password, then you should know that it is very likely that such information was stolen from some compromised website, like yahoo. Website breaches is a common thing. You can check if any of your accounts is compromised by visiting https://haveibeenpwned.com/ website. The chances are it’s an old password that you used to use.

You may wish to change your passwords for your email accounts, social accounts and other sites you login to (it’s a good thing to do anyway).

I would suggests you run antivirus and anti-malware on your machine, just to be sure.

You may also want to double check with your bank/s for any suspicious activity, there is no harm in checking.

But remember don’t pay the money (they will just be back for more, once they know you will pay) and  if you are really worried take you PC to a professional to have it cleaned up.

I hope that helps some of you, put your minds at rest.

If you are concerned or do feel the email should be reported then 'action fraud' is a good place to go www.actionfraud.org.uk

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